What are the Basic Requirements to Qualify for a Payday Loan?


A payday loan is a short term, low balance, high-interest loan. The funds can be borrowed in a post-dated check that is usually cashed on the borrower’s upcoming payday. Payday loans generally have very limited loan qualification requirements and are designed to be easy and quick.

Basic Requirements

The requirements differ by lender but generally, you will need the following to apply. Be 18 years or older, valid photo ID, open and active bank account, a steady source of income, and a working phone number.

Although, specific requirements may also vary by the lender it is smart to be armed with the following when applying for a payday loan.

Personal information such as

  • valid ID
  • home address
  • valid phone number, and
  • email address.

Income information such as

  • pay cycle frequency
  • income type
  • employee name
  • address & phone
  • net & gross income amounts.

Bank Account Information

Payment options will also vary by lender and how you apply for the loan but you will need one of the following at the minimum.

  • Checking account
  • Institution and routing number

Employment Issues

Unfortunately, most payday lenders may not be able to lend to those whose employment contract is due to terminate before the end of the month or who are currently unemployed. To get approval for a loan, you need to confirm that you will receive a paycheck every month from one source or another. Part of the legal requirement is that you need to confirm your identity and residential address.

Bad Credit Ratings

Individuals with bad credit ratings can apply for payday loans as they are more likely to get accepted than any other forms of credit. The only relevant factor a lender will look at is your present financial situation.

This is because payday loans are short term loans and the loan companies usually base the agreement on the paycheck you receive on a monthly basis rather than the track record of repaying loans. Generally, a high proportion of applicants get accepted – this means many people are eligible for a payday loan.

There is no fee associated with applying for a payday loan so there is no harm in filling out a form to see whether or not you will get accepted. There is every chance you will be, provided you meet the terms described.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Qualifying loan amounts vary and it depends on the payday direct lender and the borrower’s income. It is important to note that most states have laws guiding the maximum amount you can borrow.

There are some states that limit the borrower’s ability to have multiple outstanding payday loans. When thinking of a payday loan, loan requirements should not be the only consideration. It is uncommon for payday loans to exceed 500% or even 1000% in terms of annual percentage rates or APR.

As an expensive alternative, treat Payday Loans with care. Although regulations and business models limit the duration and size of the loans.

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How to Set Up a Payday Loan Business

Payday loans are increasingly growing in popularity with thousands every month searching for a reliable payday loan. It’s easy to see why there is such great demand as people need short term loans to get them through until their next payday. It might just be one of the best avenues to explore when it comes to business because there is such a need for these loans. Can a payday loan business be viable and if so, how can you set up a payday loan business?

You Need a Good Business Plan Set Out

First and foremost, you are going to need to sit down and come up with a solid business plan. Whether you are going this alone or with investors, you are going to require a business plan. This will allow you to set out the entire premise for the business and it’s really something most businesses need when they start out. It isn’t always given enough thought however and it’s causing some trouble. When it comes to business plans you have to set out budgets, money, costs and overheads as well as every other aspect of the business. Being a UK payday loan lender takes real courage and good thinking.

You Need To Know Licensing Regulations and UK Lending Rules

Being a UK lender is not without its risks. When you are setting up a business you have to register with the British government but also, you need to know what regulations there are over lending. Every country has its own rules over lending and if you’re setting up a payday business, you have to know those things to the last t. It’s also important to know the UK lending rules so that you follow them. If you don’t follow them you run the risk of being shut down. Payday loans are popular but you need to know the basics so that you don’t lose the business. However, if you are from the US and are looking for a loan, read all about how payday loans work over there.

You Need Capital and Backing To Start a Proper Business

If you are looking to set up a payday loan business, as a UK payday loan lender you are going to need some capital to start up the business. Remember people are coming to you to borrow money so you need to have the capital at hand. It’s very important to get the right backing as well so that things can get off to a smooth start. Far too many business owners don’t have sufficient backing or capital and it’s causing them some trouble. This is what you’re going to need if you want to succeed.

Setting up a Payday Loan Business Takes Time

You might not find your payday loan business is an overnight success but with anything in life, it takes time. You need to market well, advertise and start off by being more cautious over who you are lending money to. It doesn’t hurt to run a few basic checks to ensure you don’t invest your money in a bad egg. It’s something too far many people don’t think about when setting up a payday loan business and end up losing everything. You have to be cautious in this field so that you succeed. Payday loans are highly sought after but you still have to be cautious when creating your business.…